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The Phylum Porifera has more than 9000 species with records in almost all marine ecosystems. However, most of these records concern in the coastal and continental shelf while the deep-sea species remain underestimated in number and diversity.

My priority is to investigate the biodiversity of deep-sea sponges around the world. With special attention given to the Atlantic Ocean, we intend to analyze the sponge biodiversity not only with a traditional taxonomic approach, but also using the molecular tool to assess morphological variations, as well as the relationship between their groupings and areas of occurrence.

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1. Systematic of deep-sea sponges of the South Atlantic (Brazilian slope and seamounts, and Mid-Atlantic Ridge).

2. Systematic of deep-sea sponges of the Northwestern Atlantic.

3. Integrative taxonomy of the deep-sea widespread hexactinellid species: Aphrocallistes beatrix and Farrea occa.

4. Taxonomy of the genus Desmacella (Porifera, Desmacellida) using an integrative approach.

5. Genetic diversity of deep-sea sponges (Hexactinellida) of NW Atlantic (USA area).

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